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Welcome to ООО «ASSEMBLEON» !

Our address:

ООО «ASSEMBLEON» : 238210, Gvardeysk, Stantsionnaya street, 6;


Kaliningrad region.

Tel: +74012605010

ООО «ASSEMBLEON»  was founded in 2018 as a company which provide services for the contract assembly of radio electronics. 
About 100 people work at our company. In the current year, we plan to produce about 150,000 televisions with a liquid-crystalline screen. The plans for the next year are to increase the volume of the collected products up to 300,000 units.

- At the moment, ASSEMBLEON LLC has concluded contracts for the contractual assembly of liquid crystal display TVs from customer materials with representatives of such well-known brands as Thomson, MYSTERY and JVC.


-Based on the long-term personal experience of the company's employees, we recommend to our potential buyers to cooperate with the following well-known suppliers of the Republic of China: TCL, KONKA, MTC, Changhong, Skyworth, MIDEA, Galanz, KAIMY, IRICO, Viewtek, KTC.


-Production procedures are carried out in accordance with the technical process by the coordinated and controlled experts of the Kaliningrad Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

           What items can we produce :





-DVD players/recorders

-Car Receivers


     Main advantages :

-The production is organized in the Kaliningrad region, where historically, during the last 20 years, the assembly of TV sets is a significant industry supplying TVs for the Russian consumer electronics market.

-Possibility to organize storage of finished goods on preferential terms.

-Wide possibilities of logistics:                

- port Baltiysk (Russian Federation)              

- Kaliningrad port (Russia)                

- port of Klaipeda (EU)                

- Railway communication                

- Russia / European Union border

-A competent team of technologists, engineers with experience in the production of household appliances since 2002.

-Direct contact with suppliers of equipment, reporting in English, a qualified solution to the problems arising during the assembly process, with the engineers and managers of the supplier.

-The policy of the company is designed for mutually beneficial cooperation between the customer and the contractor. 
-Work on the standards of AQL Milt-Std 105E, ISO9001. Particular attention is paid to quality control of incoming equipment.

-The possibility of daily monitoring of the state of equipment and finished products. 

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